February 27th – March 12th: Marina Puerto del Rey, Puerto Rico

After getting Scott settled in, we needed to report in to US Customs. Although the USVI is part of the states, it is a duty-free port, so you have to clear US Customs when traveling from there. During our previous stay, we had not bothered to call in, and neither did anyone else we kne...

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January 21st – February 14th: Simpson Bay Marina, St. Maarten

We settled in at Simpson Bay with plans for maintenance, provisioning, and of course, having fun. Aftermath would be staying for a just a few days, as they were planning to leave for Florida, taking the northern route back. Symbiosis elected to anchor out in the bay to save the marina fees.

The satellite antenna, part deux...

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November 30th: St. Pierre – Portsmouth, Dominica

We left the following morning at first light. For the past few days, Rosé had been having some abdominal pains, and overnight, it had gotten worse. She was taking some codeine pain pills that we bought in Antigua, but they were knocking her out. As we approached Dominica, her pain was getting much worse, and we decided we needed to get her some medical attention. There was a ma...

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October 30th: Port Louis Marina – Sandy Island

Our three-boat flotilla left the day before Halloween, under sunny skies and calm seas. We were bound for Sandy Island, a small island off of Carriacou. A reef surrounds the island, which is not inhabited. There are a number of moorings available, so all three of our boats tied up without concern. After a sunny start, we got hit by a couple of squalls with horizontal rain, not unu...

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August – October 2016: Grenada

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August – October 2016: Port Louis Marina, Grenada

We spent three and a half months in Grenada, all at the Port Louis marina. We spent our time fixing some things on the boat, hanging out with friends, lounging in the pool, touring the island, and in general, a whole lot of liming – it was too hot to be highly industrious.


The big event in Grenada is Carnival, which takes plac...

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July 2016: St. Lucia and The Grenadines

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  June 27th – July 7th: Rodney Bay

The marina had several restaurants on site, as well as a small pool and a bar. Ferries to Martinique left from the docks, so there was always some activity. The town of Rodney Bay was a short half mile walk away, with restaurants, big grocery stores, and even a nice casino. Rodney Bay proper had a large beach and a number of resorts – it seemed to be a popular spot for cruise sh...

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