August 30th: Puerto del Rey – Ensenada Honda, Isla Culebra

We waited for Lasata in the morning, but they were taking care of some issues and planned to stop at the fuel dock, so we left before them for Isla Culebra. It’s only twenty-three miles to Culebra, which we heard gets very busy on weekends. Leaving Sunday morning, we expected to arrive after the crowds left. It was a fairly easy passage, with two to three foot...

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July 2015: Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

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October 16th, 2015 by

July 2nd, 2015: Las Terrenas

We decided to join Ralph and Stacie for an afternoon visit to Las Terrenas, a beach resort on the north side of the island, about 45 minutes from Samana. There are apparently a lot of expats liv...

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June 1st, 2015: Spanish Wells – Harbor Island (Devil’s Backbone Passage)

On Monday morning, I called the pilot Bandit to see if we could go through the Devil’s Backbone, and he said he would be out within twenty minutes. There were no other cruising boats in the area. Bandit is an older guy, with kind of a Dutch accent. He brought his boat to tow, so we had to stow Little Blend, but it was easy as there was no win...

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May 9th, 2015: Old Port Cove Marina – Boynton Harbor Marina – Lake Worth Inlet

The boat was shiny, the windows were corrosion-free, all pumps were working, and the weather was fine, so it was time to get the Hell out of Dodge! We had decided to take a twenty mile cruise down the Intracoastal Waterway for fuel. The fuel dock at Boynton Beach Harbor Marina was the cheapest in the area, at $3.11 per gallon. OPC’s price was $3.87, so it ...

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March 31st: Half Moon Cay – Rock Sound, Eleuthera

The next stop in our tour of the Out Islands was Eluthera. Along the path from Half Moon Cay to the southern tip of Eleuthera is a cap called The Bridge. It’s well known as a good sportfishing area, so we put our lines out and followed the underwater formation. Sadly, neither of us got a hit, so we moved on to Rock Sound. The water color changed from blue to green when we turn...

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March 1st: Oven Rock – Cave Cay

Our next destination for the Exumas tour was Cave Cay, about eight and a half miles down the chain. Getting to the anchorage required a precision course over the sand drifts on the bank, but the Explorer charts were dead-on, helping us to arrive incident-free.

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